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How to Hire yourself, When No One Else Will

The Phoenix Success Strategy Helps People Turn Job Loss into the Best thing that Ever Happened!

There is good news for your listeners who are unemployed or underemployed – America still has plenty of opportunities for people who are willing to seize them. Author W.L. Laney shows there is hope, no matter what your circumstances.

Growing up in Poverty, the stepson of an abusive alcoholic migrant worker, Laney turned his life around to become a successful entrepreneur. After a major setback, he learned how to recover from complete financial devastation and found new levels of success and financial freedom.

Do an inspiring call-in show on how to take your great idea from the back of a napkin to a business in 90 days!

Strategies for rising from the ashes after job loss, bankruptcy or despair.
Step by step instructions on how to identify a business opportunity in which you can earn cash quickly.
Tips for uncovering what you know or what you can learn that can be turned into a profitable business.
How to change from an employee’s mindset to an owners successful attitude

Credentials: W.L. Laney is an entrepreneur and author of the published book, THE PHOENIX SUCCESS STRATEGY. Laney has helped people across the country launch their own successful companies. He is the Author of A Self-Administered Attitude Transplant, The Six Figure Sharpener, The Art of Professional Scissors Sharpening and How to be a Boss in a Hurry.

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