American Hope Publishers

Will American Hope Publishers publish your book?  Maybe!  If:

  1. You have a compelling story to tell.american hope publishers
  2. You are willing to put in the necessary time and
  3. You have a passion for your topic.
  4. Your book will have something useful to say.
  5. People will get value from your experience and or expertise.

With that being said, everyone should write a book.  Your life experiences and the knowledge you have gained will help countless other people and make their path to success easier.  Don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself.  If you don’t think you have anything worthwhile to say you are sadly mistaken.  You just need to learn how to share in a way that is compelling enough to hold the reader’s attention.

In recent years there has been a push to get people on the best seller’s list.  This is a noble effort and gives the author a “feel good” experience.  The ability to say you are a bestselling author strengthens your appeal to radio and TV hosts.  It gives you credibility with your audience.  But, does it make any money?

The simple answer is maybe.  If you take your credibility and title to work with you every day and use it to develop business or product/service sales, yes, you will make more money.  On the other hand, if you just sit at your desk and wait for the phone to ring, no, it won’t make any real money.

Learn how to write so compelling you captivate your audience.  Don’t let them put the book down – make it a page turner.  Make your reader so excited they go back to the store and purchase copies for their friends and relatives.

Our team of coaches will guide you through the entire process.  Our goal is not to just publish your book, our goal is to help you help others!

Our team can help with the design of your book including the title and content.  We can offer editing and even ghostwriting services.

Call today for a free 30 minute consultation.  If you meet our criteria we will publish your book!  Call now the number is 303-217-8660 extension 1.