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According to some management consulting companies there are six reasons companies spend millions of dollars on management consulting services.

  • Staff augmentation
  • External change force aka “political cover”
  • Best practices across industries and functions
  • Analytical horsepower
  • Fresh perspective
  • Training and skillset augmentation

If you want to grow your business, it should make sense to adopt the philosophy of the large successful companies.  It will cost more per hour to hire an experienced consultant than the hourly rate you have to pay a new hire.  However, there are many other considerations which will bring the actual cost of your consultant down.

  1. Knowledge – your consultant can assess the issues you are facing and know immediately what to do alleviating the trial and error of having a new hire work on the problem. Your consultant will get the job done in fewer hours.  When the job is done that’s it.  You don’t have to fire a full time employee or look for “busy” work to keep them occupied.
  2. The “expert” is generally accepted at their word by the rest of your crew.
  3. Cross industry practices can blow your competition out of the water. A new way of doing things foreign to your industry can give you a tremendous competitive advantage.
  4. Knowledge is power. Use it wisely and watch your bottom line grow.
  5. A fresh set of eyes even at the same knowledge level can yield results.
  6. As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to have all the skill sets. A consultant can give you the expertise you need quickly helping you bridge the gap until you have the volume to add the staff with the skill sets you need for success in your business.

Read the reports, watch the videos and listen to the interviews with each of our experts. We do our best to bring you the quality of people that we would want as consultants, but you are the final judge of who you want to trust with your bottom line.

Call for a free thirty minute consultation with the consultant of your choice from our list of “experts”.