Mind your business

Mind Your Own Business!
Mind Your Own Business!

Build a better life by taking care of business. Many employees are in business without realizing it. Learn the skills you need to make it grow

Are you operating a business without knowing it? Dumb question right? If you had a business, of course you would know about it. Maybe not – let’s take a hair stylist as an example. A hair stylist can make more money with a faithful following of regular customers. A successful hairstylist can use their loyal base of customers to launch their own business startup.

If you have no plans to start your own business, an “owner’s mentality” can assure that you become an indispensable employee. As an indispensable employee, you do not have to worry about getting laid off as long as the company you work for continues with business as usual. It is the “owner’s mentality” that causes you to stick with it until the job is done. A typical employee will lock the door at quitting time even if customers are approaching the store after hours. An “owner’s mentality” will throw open the door to welcome the late arriving customer.

I recently interviewed a gentleman who espoused a new employment model where the employee signed an agreement to share in both the profits and losses of the company. It all made sense in the interview – the practical application in our nation today is not very likely. But, the philosophy is sound. If you have the bottom line of the company in mind your attitude will be what employers look for and reward with promotions and income raises.

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