Real Hope for Business Success

Real Hope for Business Success

We are preparing to start on the next book in our bestselling “Real Hope” series.  a select group of industry experts will be invited to cooperate in this exciting anthology.  Business failures still range in the 70% to 80% range in the first few years of existence.  That is the bad news.  The good news is that most of the reasons for failure can be resolved with knowledge.

Real Hope for Business Success

I am not suggesting you go back to college for advanced study, not that that is a bad idea.  It just is not practical for most of us.  Rather, I would like to suggest that you get advice from experience coaches who have – been there – done that.  It is amazing what you can glean from a few minutes or an hour with a qualified coach.

When you retain a coach, let the coach do the talking.  Your business coach does not need your knowledge except to understand what you are doing currently.  On the other hand, you need what your coach has to say – so listen.  God gave you two ears and just one mouth, so respond accordingly.  Listen at least twice as much as you speak.

Watch for our new bestselling book.  All the contributing authors are there to share their wisdom gained through years of experience in a wide variety of business disciplines.

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