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stack_of_gold_coins Let’s think, for a few moments about the difference between potential and realized success.

Do we all have the potential for greatness? Is there within each of us that seed needed to move from mediocrity to success? What do we need to do to begin to realize the potential within us and turn it into a reality?

Change your life when you discover your potential.

Most people coast through life never asking the question, “Is this all there is?” They settle into a comfort zone without realizing that it has become a “rut” they can’t get out of. There was a recent story about a couple in California who purchased a piece of property and later discovered $11,000,000 worth of gold buried on their property under a tree. The question is, when did they become rich? Was it when they bought the property or was it only after they found the hidden treasure while walking their dog? The answer is both. When they purchased the property the gold was already there – therefore they were potentially rich. When they found the gold they realized that potential and became actually rich.

What’s holding you back from exploring your own potential? What hidden treasure of talent lies just beneath the surface of your life? When will you look for the talents you already have and dig them up and use them to become successful?

It is not necessary to chase other people’s talents. We need to develop our own. You have buried treasure in your life today if you’ll only look for it. Like the $11,000,000 in gold, it may be in a rusty can buried under a tree, but it is there.

Success leaves clues. You do not have to try to copy other peoples’ talents or hunt through their property to find your “can of gold.” It is smart to study and emulate the habits of successful people but keep in mind those habits are almost always based on life-principles not on specific talents.

I believe that you will do better when you realize you already own the property where you will find your hidden talents!

The first step: Identify those talents you already have and then begin using the “Cycles for Success.” The Cycles for Success are based on 5 steps:

Begin with HOPE. To that HOPE add positive messages, what we call a “success intravenous infusion.”
This takes hope and helps turn it into BELIEF.
When you BELIEVE you are compelled to take ACTION on that belief.
Taking ACTION will inevitably lead to POSITIVE RESULTS.
Those POSITIVE RESULTS reinforce your HOPE and BELIEF which encourages you to take even more ACTION which leads to more POSITIVE RESULTS.

This Cycle for Success continues through these steps over and over again.

You are already a citizen in the arena of success you achieved that by recognizing it is already yours. You own it, so what are you waiting for? Mine it today. You are sitting on a gold mine of talent destined to bring you the success you desire.

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